An introduction to The Big Idea

Presented by Karina Jenkin, Manager – Education Enterprises at The Big Issue

This webinar provides an overview of The Big Idea, an introduction to the learning resources, and helps sets students expectations of what they can gain from active participation in the competition.


An introduction to The Big Issue

Presented by Karina Jenkin, Manager – Education Enterprises at The Big Issue

This webinar provides an overview of The Big Issue’s social enterprise initiatives.  Karina discusses the social and economic impact of social enterprise and the enormous positive impact it can have on those marginalised in our community.


What is a Social Enterprise?

Presented by Karina Jenkin, Manager – Education Enterprises at The Big Issue

This webinar provides an exploration of the wider social context in which students will think of their Big Idea projects.


Future Webinars

A case for social enterprise

Presented by Karina Jenkin, Manager – Education Enterprises at The Big Issue

This webinar discusses the gap that social enterprise fills and it’s importance in creating opportunities for marginalised people.  


What makes a Good Idea? 

Thursday 2 August, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Sally Hines, COO, The Big Issue & Homes for Homes

Sally Hines talks about what makes a good social enterprise idea. Sally uses real life examples of social enterprise ideas that The Big Issue has both adopted and rejected to uncover the secrets to a great idea.


Experimentation: The Key to De-risking Innovation!

Thursday 3 August, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Zoe Aitken, Inventiologist at Inventium

In the majority of industries, 8 or 9 out of every 10 products launched will fail. This costs organisations billions of dollars every year. One of the biggest reasons for this failure rate is due to companies either ignoring the customer, or relying on what customers say they will do, rather than testing how they will actually behave when presented with a new product or service.

In this webinar, learn key insights from Inventium’s best practice experimentation methodology, which rapidly develops and de-risks innovative ideas.


Upholding Your Values

Tuesday 7 August, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Fiona Nixon, Head of Corporate Affairs, Bank Australia

How to succeed in corporate affairs/PR/Marketing while staying true to organisational values.


Business Planning 101: Elements of a Business Plan

Thursday 9 August, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Karina Jenkin, Manager – Education Enterprises at The Big Issue

By now, your business planning canvas should be well developed. Login to this session to discuss traditional business planning elements and how you can shape your canvas into a working document.


Helping People Help Themselves

Tuesday 14 August, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Guest speakers, The Big Issue

Personal account of disadvantage from people who have worked with The Big Issue. Behind the millions of magazine sold on the street and dispatched to subscribers there are thousands of personal stories of challenge and courage. All participants supported by The Big Issue’s social enterprises have been marginalised through their circumstances (homelessness, long-term unemployment, mental illness, physical and/or intellectual disability) and are looking to improve their life. Several guest speakers share their stories in this panel.


Planning for Success

Tuesday 21 August, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Jacqui McKenzie, Director, The Nous Group

Jacqui discusses how to plan to ensure your idea reaches its full potential.


Testing Your Solution Meets the Needs of the Community

Thurday 23 August, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Patrick Lyons, Partner – Social Research, Synergistiq

Patrick gives insight on how to ensure that the community you are preparing to assist is resulting in positive outcomes.


Social Enterprise in Practice: Creating Your Budget

Tuesday 28 August, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Jon Whitehead, CFO, The Big Issue & Homes for Homes

Jon gives an overview of the basics of writing a budget for a social enterprise.


Product development

Thursday 30 August, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Amy Hetherington, Editor, The Big Issue

Amy shares insights and the unique challenges involved in producing The Big Issue fortnightly magazine to appeal to both the sellers (the vendors) and the customers (readers).


Lessons Learned in the First Year

Tuesday 4 September, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Jessica Heron, Previous Winner of The Big Idea

Advice from a previous participant and winner of The Big Idea about developing a social enterprise business plan and the lessons learnt from the process.

Social Enterprise in Practice: The Big Issue Street Magazine Enterprise

Thursday 6 September, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Jeremy Urquhart, National Operation Manager, The Big Issue

Jeremy Urquhart shows you how the Magazine gets out to our vendors on the streets.  Jeremy’s presentation will include a case study on setting up The Big Issue magazine in Mt Gambier, as an example of a social enterprise in a regional location.


Social Enterprise in Practice: Marketing a Social Enterprise

Tuesday 11 September, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Louise Gray, National Marketing and Partnerships Manager, The Big Issue

Louise provides a real life case study review of marketing The Big Issue’s Women’s Subscription Enterprise. She discusses the marketing planning process involved in establishing the WSE and lessons learnt along the way.


New Trends in Social Impact Investing

Thursday 13 September, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Presented by Alex Oppes, Associate Director, Social Ventures Australia

Hear from one of Australia’s leading social impact investment organisations about what’s new in the sector.


Social Procurement and Its Value

Thursday 27 September, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Sam Edmonds, Principal – Buyer Services, Social Traders


Corporate Responsibility and Attracting Investment for your ‘Big Idea’ 

Tuesday 2 October, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Andrea Pearman, General Manager, Community and Sponsorship, Australia Post

Sean Barrett, Head of Foundation, Origin Foundation



How Can I Turn my Degree into an Exciting Career That Makes a Difference?

Tuesday 16 October, 2018, 12pm (AEST)

Anthony Takyi, National Campus Senior Manager and Senior Consultant, PwC Australia

PwC, a leading global consulting firm is always on the lookout for talented graduates from a variety of backgrounds and experiences keen for an exciting and challenging career.  Anthony will share insights to help you leverage your participation in The Big Issue to enhance your future career prospects.


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